Domain Scammer: Domain Names International (DNIDOMAINMARKET.COM)

Domain Names International (InTrust Domains, has been repeatedly spamming me with emails about domains similar to ones I own. The emails come from various random domains, but when going to the domain, you are immediately redirected to On the home page of their website they advertise how the BBB says they can be trusted. This general shadiness makes me not want to follow the opt out link. Also googling makes it fairly obvious that the optout will not work anyway.

I would really suggest that others receiving this spam, click the link below to the BBB and file another advertising complaint against the company. Also reporting to spam cop or similar places.

The BBB complaints section for InTrust Domains

A Letter To Bill Nelson, part 2

Dear Senator Nelson,

I am writing to urge you to support the Restoring the Constitution act of 2007. Your vote of support for the Military Commissions Act of 2006 was, in my opinion, the low point of your senatorial career. You can work to undue the harm that was caused by this act, by voting now to support the reinstatement of habeas corpus and by declaring that we are a land of free people, not a police state.

As stated in a previous email to this office, I do not in anyway, ever, support torture. Working to make that the official stance of the United States government, is incredibly important to me. From what I understand of the Restoring The Constitution Act of 2007, it would bring us back to the sound principles of treating everyone fairly and without torture, and force us to comply with our foreign obligations under the Geneva Convention.

I have read that nearly 400 men continue to be held indefinitely and without charge at Guantanamo Bay, and that a good many of them are provably innocent. Please allow due process to help these individuals see some form of justice.

Thank you very much for your consideration on this issue.

Russ Tyndall

My last letter to Bill Nelson urging him not to support the Military Commissions Act of 2007

Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

Please do everything in your power to stop the current terror
legislation making its way through the Senate. If anything was worth
a filibuster or legislative hold this is it. Now is the time to make
a stand and say that America will not torture UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
We were once a beacon of liberty and human rights throughout the
world, but now we admit to torturing people and quibble about what
are “outrages on human dignity”. My opinion, is that if you are
unwilling to do it to your mother, it should not be done.

We must be better than this. We must work to be the best, not the
worst country in the world. Please, make a clear hard stand on this
issue. There was once a time when we fought to overcome what we
perceived as tyranny. Now we are the tyrannical. Every time one of our
rights are diminished in the name of security, every time time I read
about my country using torturous techniques, every time I hear the
President say that the Geneva Conventions are unclear, I feel that the
terrorists really did win on September 11th. They drastically changed
our Governments morals. If we do not do something NOW to prevent
these outrages, then I fear we have surly failed as a nation.

I would rather die in a terrorist attack in a free America than live
in an America where we do not have habeas corpus, or an America where
we torture people.

Please, I am begging, make a stand,
Russ Tyndall
A Very Concerned Citizen