CLSQL-ORM: Turn you existing database schema into Common Lisp CLSQL-View-Classes

CLSQL-ORM is a common lisp library I just pushed to my git hub account. Its primary goal is to generate CLSQL-view-classes based on an existing database. It uses the “information_schema” views to introspect relevant data from the database, then builds and evals the view-class definitions. This project is a significant branch of clsql-pg-introspect, attempting to remove its “pg” aspects in favor of the standard “information_schema”. It might have changed some semantics/conventions along the way, (I’m not sure as I didn’t use the original project much, and that was long ago).

I wanted to generate my lisp objects from the database for a couple reasons. One, I am fairly comfortable with SQL databases and am used to specifying them in whatever variant of sql the database engine supports. Two, I am most often presented with an extant working database that I want to interact with (such as a wordpress install), where the schema of the database can change, and I just want my common lisp to match whatever the database says, rather than trying to keep both up to date with each other manually. Obviously this project encodes many of my own, personal thoughts and tastes about databases, which may not be the same as your thoughts and tastes. This project is perhaps best though of as a jumping off point for creating your own personal common lisp ORM, though it should be usable as is, if your tastes and mine coincide.

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