Domain Scammer: Domain Names International (DNIDOMAINMARKET.COM)

Domain Names International (InTrust Domains, has been repeatedly spamming me with emails about domains similar to ones I own. The emails come from various random domains, but when going to the domain, you are immediately redirected to On the home page of their website they advertise how the BBB says they can be trusted. This general shadiness makes me not want to follow the opt out link. Also googling makes it fairly obvious that the optout will not work anyway.

I would really suggest that others receiving this spam, click the link below to the BBB and file another advertising complaint against the company. Also reporting to spam cop or similar places.

The BBB complaints section for InTrust Domains

20 thoughts on “Domain Scammer: Domain Names International (DNIDOMAINMARKET.COM)

  1. I’m not a big fan of how DNI/InTrust markets … but are they total scammers or do they actually have legitimate domains for sale?

  2. I would imagine that they will sell you domains. That seems to be the point of their ridiculous email spamming. That said though you can get domains all over the place without having to deal with these guys. Part of what irritated me so much was that everyone of their spams came from some random domain name (which presumably they own, but perhaps not).

  3. InTrust Domains.
    Or Domain Names International is a scam in my opinion. I paid them 150.00 for a Domain name, NEVER got a confirmation email or any further communication despite many attempts to contact them and many phone messages that I left and continue to leave. Wouldn’t ever do business with them again.

  4. I’ve been getting hit by these guys too. I had a domain name similar to my name that I had registered through Intuit. Now it’s in delete status and Im unable to attain it. I really need that domain name and have been trying to figure out how to acquire it once it is deleted. Intuit said there is nothing they can do which makes me think they are hand in hand with these guys.

  5. I had a similar experience to Mike with DNI which stemmed from being unable to renew my .com domain name before it expired in November 2012 despite a mammoth effort on my part. The moment the domain became free again I discovered DNI had grabbed it and they wanted me to pay $398.00. I wrote to them and said I will sue any Australian business that purchases it and they have dropped the price to $98. I am convinced there is an organised racket going on as DNI claim they purchase 70 domain names every day. Are these people legitimate ?

  6. Months ago I showed interest in one premium domain somewhere. Then I was contacted by Domains Names International and was told the domain would be available soon.
    Then I was contacted again to say it was available for an X amount. I managed to bargain that amount down quite a bit and ended up accepting their offer.
    Then I read this post and my heart sank. But luckily it turned out that they are NOT a scam. At least they were not with me.
    I panicked after I read this post, then I contacted them and asked about the transfer. I got a reply on the same day saying the domain was parked with GoDaddy and the transfer would happen on the 20/3/2013, which it did. I do have the domain now in my name.

  7. They contacted me, too. I think I figured out what they are doing, they are scanning the domain name auction sites (godaddy) for active auctions. When they find close name matches to your site/company name, they contact you at the email address you list for your domain name registration and tell you that such and such name will be available for auction “soon” and you should click on a link in the email to learn more (the link naturally has some code in it to alert them that you are interested).

    My guess is they negotiate the highest price they can get out of you before the actual auction is over, then attempt to buy the name from the auction (probably at a fraction of what you paid). If they get outbid & can’t land the name at a profit, they probably just tell you a higher bidder won the name in their “auction.”

    If that is what they are doing, it’s actually a pretty crafty idea. Feels slimy, but it obviously works.

  8. I get emails from these guys from time to time. They always come from some other domain but, as the article mentioned, they always redirect to domainnamesinternational.

    There is always a fake name and address at the bottom of the email, trying to make it look legitimate.

    Each email always comes from a different domain, but it’s almost always alex@ whatever the domain is.

  9. I have been getting e-mail from this Alex guy as well. They have a site name that I am interested in for a non-profit I work with. If they can get sites from godaddy, should I be able to just get it directly from that source? I hesitate to fill out the contact form with DNI given this full exchange.

  10. Honestly, I would find a the same or a similar domain at godaddy or any of a dozen more respectable registrants, but that is just my opinion.

  11. Yes, Domain Names international is a fraud company, they are doing the gambling with domain names, even if we purchase the domain names, the requested domain name is not transferred, there wont be any response if we try to contact them.

  12. Domain Resellers are fraud companies, they block the domain names and do speculation

  13. Yes Domain resellers are doing speculation with the help of the main registers, ICANN, is doing nothing in this regard, they even encourage, domain resellers to acquire the expiring domain names and sell the same domain names to the former owner for at very high price

  14. I booked my brand with .net, .co, .fr etc.. , but the .com wasn’t available.
    Few weeks later, these guys contacted me. Everything goes well, easy communication, i was surprised they asked me only 100$ and negociating was easy.

    Just posting that because, googling their name to find their website, i’m reading they are scam, but in my experience, they’re not.

  15. Scam scam scam. Been getting emails to bid, then eventually to buy, then a $ price to get it. Almost paid too. Then found this site. Went to my registrar and found the domain in question out in the open and available for purchase at $9.95 per yr.

  16. It is not that they dont have domains they will sell you (domains are cheap and easy to buy). Its their shady business practices and constant hounding that make me classify them as a spammer. I do appreciate your feedback, its nice to know that they are not a totally scammy business. If you read the rest of the comments, though you will see that most people seem to agree they are at least a scummy business if not an outright scam.

  17. I have just discovered a little part of , the scam that DNI marketing are doing or It is not that serious but it is underhand and they were lieing to me on the phone so I would not trust them in any of their dealings. Basically they contacted me to as I had a similar domain name to say that a name that I may be interested and was had come up for auction. They said 5 people were in the auction and that the bidding had started. They said they could add bids to the auction but not me and that it had a buy it now price of $495. All these were lies. They hung up when I started to press them about how I could know they were straight! They also said that they owned the name which is a lie.

    The truth, the reality. The name was for auction on Godaddy and they were bidding to buy it through the Godaddy site which anyone can for a tiny amount each year In fact thinking about it they may also be doing a behind the scenes deal with either the actual owner of the name or godaddy.. my advice is to express no interest in the name because you will end up massively inflating the price above the market value. Find out who owns the name at my trail led me to gofrancedomains (you have to read the text carefully) then godaddy and I found it on for auction on their site.

    The actual auction had 4 people in the value of the domain had been evaluated to £42 and the highest bidder was £22 or near abouts. I think what DNI marketing or were trying to do was to buy it cheaply on godaddy then sell it to me for 10X the price! Don’t fall for it! Just go for the auction! God willing you won’t lose! Also I wouldn’t use GoDaddy unless you are absolutely desperate because they just play with you they will approach other bidders and even the owner to try and hike the price up and make more money for themselves. Personally i Leave it to God and trust that He is in control and that if he wants me to have it I will succeed.

    So don’ t use or DNI marketing they smell like a scam company to me it not illegal but they will rip you off and they will almost certainly be lying to you down the phone. Do some research, find the actual owners or administrators of the domian name and that shoukd lead you to the real authorised auctioneers. Use a trusted whois domain name server like [ omitted ] and follow the trail.

  18. Hahaha! The bastards now call themselves SADRAH.COM.

    “… quote from DNI website …”

    They even go on to provide “testimonials”, from fake people I’m sure. Best advice; if you have a domian you like/love, set it to auto renew so it doesn’t get harvested by the likes of these sons of bitches.

    (edited to remove the note, dont want to advertise for them inadvertently

  19. Funny story: After being contacted by them, I did a whois Search for the domain they were offering, and found that the domain was indeed expiring. Long story short, it turned out that at the time of sending their last email to me, THEY DIDN’T EVEN OWN THE DOMAIN THEY WERE TRYING TO SELL! With a little patience and some expert timing, I Simply went around them and registered the domain at a legitimate Domain registrar for a FRACTION of what they were trying to sell it for, and I now own the domain FTW!

    I strongly suspect that the domain in question was originally snagged from me by someone who worked at Godaddy.

    You see, when I first became interested in that domain more than a year ago, I did a search on Godaddy and found that it was available. When I attempted to buy the domain a few weeks later, I saw that it had been registered THROUGH GO DADDY! and the starting offer was $750! I saw that the domain was registered very shortly after I searched for the address on Coincidence, I think not. Someone who works there must have access to the database of Domain names that people search for.

    Instead of playing their game, I decided to wait them out. After more than a year, my patience has paid off, and I now own the domain I wanted in the fist place.

    I’m not sure if DNI Marketing is the same Scumbag who originally snagged my Domain name, or if they are a separate Scumbag who saw that the first scumbag was letting the domain expire. In any case, I suspect that the scumbags at DNI Marketing are somehow associated with scumbags at,

    Needless to say, when I finally registered the domain, I DID NOT USE GODADDY.

  20. I just got a similar email from them offering the singular version of the plural domain that I own. Lo and behold I checked WHOIS and the singular domain they are ‘offering’ has expired and is in redemption period. The expired domain also seems to be registered at a registrar that looks totally legitimate and is nothing to do with DNI…

    So they are far too dodgy to be dealing with but at least it was nice of them to let me know about the expired domain as I might try and grab it once it drops!

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