CL-MediaWiki in Action

As mentioned in a previous post, we heavily utilize a MediaWiki instance in to manage a lot of small bits of data.  Last night I worked :cl-mediawiki into our internal billing system.  For many months it has been a manual process to create a new page and category for a client in our billing system.  We had a report that would give you a link and some default wiki text to type in.  With the desire to bring more notes into the wiki, and the advent of the edit-api available in MediaWiki 1.13, I set about writing cl-mediawiki to allow us to more directly integrate.

Now when a new client is entered into our billing system, we call out to the wiki to automatically create a wikipage and category for that client.  When a new order gets added to our system, we will add a new order page.  When that order is attached to an account or moved to a new account, we will replace the account number on their wiki page with the new account number.  When the order gets canceled, we can add the cancelation notes directly to the wiki.

CL-MediaWiki now also requires :cl-ppcre.  The upshot of this is a regex-replace-all function that will replace the content of a wikipage (with an optional value to set the page to if it doesnt exist).  This was used to keep the account number up to date on the order page.

link to the paste – Scroll down to see all the examples mentioned

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